Mayfair Hamster Glass Cage with Accessories, 51.5 x 28 x 40 cm

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    • The Mayfair cage is ideal for rats, hamsters, and other small-sized pets.
    • The cage comes with two shelves and two ladders forming a multi-floor system (as shown)!
    • All accessories shown included. house, wheel, and bowl.
    • L: 51.5cm w: 28cm h:40cm - the perfect home to simulate your animal's natural habitat. the deep base ensures there is plenty of space for burrowing and hiding!
    • The base of this cage is made of glass, not like many other cages of this kind about which are made of plastic this ensures durability. it is perfect for rodents that have a tendency to chew.


    Bars Specification:

    Bar Spacing approximately 1.1 cm

    Long Side Bars Horizontal

    Short Side Bars Vertical


    Accessories Specification:

    Hamster Wheel Size approximately 13.5 cm

    Hamster House Door Size approximately 4 cm Height x 4 cm Width