Cat Collars

Do you recommend putting an identification tag on my cat's collar or microchipping? We recommend both - anything which could help return your cat to you in the event of him straying or being involved in an accident is helpful.

Having your cat microchipped provides a permanent way for vets, animal wardens and police   to identify your pet even if they have lost their collar. This is a good idea for both indoor and outdoor cats, the former can get disoriented and lost quickly if they wander and the latter can be overly curious and end up places they really shouldn't be!

A collar is always the fastest way for anyone to identify a cat as yours - the majority of people don’t have access to microchip scanning machines! How do I get my cat used to wearing a collar?

First, check it is fitted properly - you should be able to fit two fingers underneath. Let your cat get used to it for a couple of hours at a time under   supervision. Remove bells and tags to begin with. Most cats adjust quickly to wearing a collar, bribery with cat treats quite often works wonders with difficult cats who soon forget they have a collar on.