Rat Hammocks

Rat Hammocks are our speciality.  We stock many exclusive UK lines. The height of fashion for your small friend! Rats LOVE our snugly hammocks and toys. The most popular fabric toys for rats are our rat igloos and these hammocks below.

We specialise in rat hammocks - all our hammocks are machine washable at 30 degrees. They clip securely to your rat's cage and provide a warm, cosy, comfortable place for your rat to sleep. Our hammocks and soft toys are suitable for rats, chinchillas, ferrets and other small furry pets who like to snuggles up in warm comfy hideaways! All our rat hammocks are made from high quality materials, edged to perfection and carefully sewn - we take great pride in our products and get a lot of compliments about the high quality of our rat toys.

Don't be put off by our cheap prices - we try very hard to bring our customers the highest quality toys, hammocks and accessories for their pet rats without having to pay extortionate prices!